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Editorial Comments 2


Editorial Comments (Page 3)

RHPS has held, in our possession, a 34 page booklet written and compiled by Jeff Clark:

Take Notice to Page 6: A VISION, “a Center for American Freedom educational and retreat center as a dynamic branch of a major university.”  

Page 11 boasts, “local groups like Ranger Citizens Task Force, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ranger Economic Development Corporation and Renew Ranger” (another Jeff Clark Project) were mentioned “as showing early signs of life, though still largely fighting the wrong battles.” Was it just an oversight that Ranger Historical Preservation Society was not mentioned in the listing of civic organizations that was largely fighting the wrong battles or was it the fact that RHPS was the ONLY organization fighting the RIGHT battles?  Your words, Mr. Clark, not mine.

Page 17 suggests that Tarleton State University “is legislatively charged with working hand-in-hand with Ranger College.”

And finally, on page 34, the man with the plan, Jeff Clark, lays claim to this project displaying his name, email address and phone number.


(Click on the Booklet and it will open to see all 34 pages)



In conclusion, this story has been long overdue making its way to the front headlines. For whatever reasons, the BIG PLAN did not come together and everything fell by the wayside when the property around the McCleskey wellsite was sold, by Mr. Farrar, to John Montgomery, dba M24, LLC.

With the failure of the BIG PLAN AND SCHEME, it is now evident the McCleskey No. 1 has no value to the LEGAL OWNER, Ranger College Foundation. This was evidenced by Dr. Campion, who suggested, to the Ranger College Trustees, at the March 21, 2016 board meeting, letting the McCleskey well site go back to nature.

The DONOR, James P Farrar, now states, “The RFC owns the wellsite in fee simple. The RCF performed faithfully to its charge, and did everything that was asked of it, on its own initiative…Going forward, the RCF owes no duty to me…As far as I’m concerned, the RCF may do with the property as it pleases.”

Mr. Farrar is correct about Ranger College Foundation owning the wellsite in fee simple, AFTER he filed a new deed, April 13, 2016, giving RCF that status.

Ranger Historical Society has known, almost since the beginning, there were “players” planning and scheming to take over the well site for financial rewards and personal recognition?

RHPS has not been privy to proper access since late 2003 or early 2004 when Mr. Martin built his berm. 10 years is a long time to be landlocked (most of the time) and promised access but never granted. 10 years is a long time for a neatly manicured well site to morph into the site it was when Mr. Farrar deeded the well site to Ranger College Foundation. 10 years is a long time to sit quite and allow those who did nothing but criticize our inactions. 10 years is a long time to try and do what was best for Ranger while we were demonized. THAT TIME IS OVER!

For 20 years the Ranger Historical Preservation Society member have worked thousands of man hours, pouring their blood, sweat, tears,  and hearts out on a project that all believed in and was well worth the effort and time-a HISTORY of RANGER to maintain forever.

The plans fell through for everyone who thought there was A FINANCIAL gain.

Now, no one wants the McCleskey well site; Ranger College Foundation or Mr. Farrar.                                                                                                                     

What a disgrace! What a shame! And all for naught!

The McCleskey well site “takeover” was a planned project as evidenced by the FACTS and THE PLAN, which includes the 34 Page Booklet by Jeff Clark and the individuals and organizations that were all convinced how this GREAT PLAN would bring Ranger back to life and add some color in their pockets while purporting to do something good for Ranger.

The McCleskey No. 1 was taken in the name of personal recognition and financial greed! (Mathew 6:24)

And now Mr. Farrar, I truly believe The Truth Shall Set Us All Free! (John 8:32)



This 34 Page Booklet by Jeff Clark would give any reasonable and prudent  person the idea that something was most definitely “in the works” with the McCleskey Well Site and there were “others” involved in this venture.

It is our opinion that Jeff Clark orchestrated this BIG PLAN and SCHEME, with others, to take over the McCleskey Well Site for nothing but financial rewards and personal recognition.

What else can be said?

Read the W.K. Gordon New Ranger Center for American Freedom booklet and decide for yourself if there were ulterior motives or just plain greed that brought the McCleskey Well Site from a State Historical Site to a hole in the ground, surrounded by a chain link fence; a 1.507 acre of land, a property that is of  NO significant importance except to the Ranger Historical Preservation Society.

In closing this final chapter of the McCleskey Well Site Controversy, we submit this last and final report from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Investigation Report, dated on  September 13, 2013.

Most of this document is above most of our heads when it comes to scientific data. However, this document does detail, with maps, the fact that only RANDOM samples were taken for the final investigative report.

Take particular notice to page 3 of the report, Conclusions and Recommendations of the TCEQ.

Click on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Investigation Report for additional information.